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Sustainable vineyards
At sula, green is as important as red, white and Rosé.

Sustainability is a guiding principle of life and business for us. We strive to be responsible stewards of our land, not just because it’s the right thing to do but also because it’s the best way to make authentic, distinctive wines. Our commitment to producing the best wines through sustainable winemaking and viticulture operations goes beyond protecting our natural environment. Green Sula is an initiative undertaken by the company to make their vineyards eco-friendlier as well as more cost-effective. Some of the initiatives include promotion of renewable energy, efficient water harvesting systems and recycling of packaging and solid waste management. 

Our first step

Sula Sustainability Report FY’23 is our 4th edition of the Sustainability Report, which provides insights on our key sustainability pillars and measures we have taken to drive them. It gives a summary of all the work we have done to mitigate our environmental footprint.

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Our sustainability efforts involve making decisions and taking actions that are in the interests of protecting the natural world, with an emphasis on preserving the environment and reducing negative impact. During the production process, we’ve made sure to remain eco-conscious and responsible towards our environment.

Our Actions

Water usage

We’re constantly investing in ways to cut down our water consumption by using natural structures like reservoirs to capture rainwater. We recycle water from our processes in effluent treatment plants and drive efficiency in our processes. Drip irrigation has shown significant results at our vineyards as it has helped reduce water consumption.

Solar energy

Cleaner energies like solar,have been our focus from the very beginning. Our infrastructure supports the use of solar energy or even direct sunlight, which reduces our dependence on electricity.


We are an applicant member of the International Wineries for Climate Action (“IWCA”), a working group of wineries dedicated to reducing carbon emissions across the wine industry. IWCA is a part of the ‘Race to Zero’ global campaign, led by the United Nations and its member wineries are committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. 

Recyclable bottle

We have been successful in building a responsible supply chain, sourcing raw materials locally, and optimizing packaging materials using lightweight bottles.



The real heroes of our sustainability initiatives are our people - the committed and passionate ones who are behind everything positive that goes into our sustainability reports. We believe in taking care of our people - our employees, consumers and the communities we operate in. All our decisions come from a place of constantly striving to create a positive impact on all the lives we touch.

Our Actions

Winemaking company

Educating our consumers about our products and spreading awareness about responsible drinking is our priority. Another mission is to bring about tangible change in people’s lives. We aim to empower our communities to sustain themselves through education and work opportunities.

Wine business

To enable our employees to continue doing their best, we continuously monitor our work environment and aim to ensure that the soil, air, noise and water quality are at their optimum. Training in handling emergency situations ensure our collective safety standards, with external and internal audits to make sure we don’t falter. Making Sula a healthy, happy workplace for everyone to work at.

Human rights

We have policies in place toensure that the workplace is fair,safe and healthy for all.

We aspire to build a community and a culture that fosters high levels of job satisfaction,value creation and mutual respect.

Wineries in India


The Sustainable Sula Initiative reflects our commitment to be the most sustainable winery in Asia, while doing our bit to leave the environment cleaner and greener. The world is changing rapidly and we have the power to make a difference today, by collectively working together,as employees, stakeholders and customers. Understanding this responsibility, our initiative aims at improving the world around us in a multidimensional manner. We understand that a big impact comes from all the small steps we take day in and day out.

"Proud silver member of the International Wineries for Climate Action"

Water management

Improve water use efficiency in operations by 30%

100% of wastewater to be reused in wineries and resorts

Improve water use efficiency in viticulture by 30%

Ensure access to WASH

Greenhouse gases

Promotion of renewable energy with close to 60% of energy requirement fulfilled by solar.

Supply chain

Drive optimization in the supply chain

Wastewater management

Maximum packaging to be recyclable

Ensure zero waste is sent to landfill at our wineries


We’re working towards achieving our vision of a world where people’s basic needs, such as shelter, clean water, education and reliable energy, are fulfilled. We aim to provide a work environment that results in higher productivity and efficient use of resources as we work towards realizing our vision.

Our farmers are a key part of the Sula family, and we take pride in contributing to sustained economic development and progress.

This means that whether you choose a bottle of Sula red wine, white wine, Rosé wine or sparkling wine, you're directly contributing to sustainable development of communities that deserve it the most.


Share training materials for responsible drinking

Enable people and communities around us to build a better future for themselves


Keep people safe by ensuring no more than 1 Loss Time

Human rights

Prevent use of child labour in our supply chain including contract farms