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Are you old enough to drink?

WSET wine course

The best way to discover the wonderful world of wine: WSET with Sula
#1 recognised certification, 1 day, 8 tastings 

Whether you are a F&B professional or a wine enthusiast, our amazing educator Sovna Puri will take you to an amazing world which is the world of wine! During one fun day, you will get to discover all the basics about our favorite drink, the perfect pairings... and you will also get to taste, analyse and understand 8 different wines!

WSET provides globally recognized education and qualification in wines; at the end of this interactive day of learning, you will get to take the exam, and get this much sought after certification.

As an approved program provider, Sula brings you this wonderful WSET wine course; that too, at the most affordable rate in the world.

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Wine Courses Wine Courses

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Wine Courses Wine Courses