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shiraz red wine

The Indomitable Charm of Shiraz

What would you like to order today? A glass of red wine please. Make that a Shiraz! It tends to be a popular choice at most restaurants and bars across the country. One of the most loved grape varieties, frequently produced solo, often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, sometimes with Grenache, Mourvedre, Pinot Noir and even Viognier. In fact Sula Shiraz Cabernet is the best selling red wine in India and is a blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is the sixth most planted red grape varietal in the world and produces extremely delicious, juicy, bold wines with a lot of personality!

sparkling wine

Understanding Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines are carbonated wines made from either white or red grapes. While white sparkling wines are the most common, sparkling rosé and, to a lesser extent, red sparkling wines are also available. Sparkling wines range in sweetness from dry to sweet and express a variety of flavours depending on the grape(s) used, the climate in which the grapes were grown, and the winemaking method used.

Rosé facts

Busting the Pink - Myths of Rosé

All the restaurants these days, be it a fine-dine or a bar or pub, include a beautiful rosé in their wine list. Rosé is a pretty pink-hued wine which is known for its refreshing taste. But, irrespective of it being a social media star, there are a lot of misconceptions that follow this pretty-looking wine. There is a lot more to this wine than what meets the eye. So get ready to take off your rosé coloured glasses and deep dive into some interesting facts about Rosé wine.

sula winemaking

Winemaking: The Journey of Sula's Best Wines from Grape to Glass

In the simplest of terms, wine is an alcoholic beverage made with the help of the fermented juice of grapes. It is important to note that wine grapes are different from table grapes. The latter is what is intended to be consumed while fresh. The former, however, is grown with the purpose of creating raisins by drying or creating everyone’s favourite drink.

white wines in india


White wines often tend to get passed over for reds in India. We are a predominantly red wine drinking nation despite an annual average temperature of over 30 degrees Celsius, Yet, India has consistently been producing some great whites over the years and the quality has only improved over time.

dessert wines


Are you one of those people who don’t like sweet wines? Well, prepare to have your mind blown and be ready to drink your dessert because nothing wows your guests like having a dessert wine after your meal! These tongue- pleasing sippers are ideally enjoyed as an accompaniment to desserts or as a dessert itself.

rose wine in india


Rosé wine has been quite popular on the other side of the globe for a while. Whether it is the quintessential Provence style or The White Zinfandels of the United States of America, this wine has a fan following of its own.

syrah vs shiraz


The world of wines can sometimes be confusing, with a list of different regions and grape varieties, it can be quite a task to understand the difference. And then, when the same grape variety is known by two different names, like Syrah and Shiraz, it can be very interesting to understand how the wines are different. So here we are, to unveil the mystery behind these two names.

10 Best Rerecipes of Desserts to Pair White Wines

Sula’s Guide to Red Wines

Whether you love sparkling red wines for your special celebrations, or you’re more attuned to classic red wines, with this in-depth article about our red wines, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect match for every occasion! But before we jump into Sula’s exciting collection of red wines, let’s first understand what goes into making it such a unique and special alcoholic beverage.

10 Best Rerecipes of Desserts to Pair White Wines

Sula’s Guide to White Wines

Whether you’ve decided to embark on the journey to becoming a connoisseur or you’re just venturing into new territory with your favourite bottle, with this in-depth article about our white wine collection, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect match; for all your needs and celebrations! But before we jump into our portfolio of white wines, let’s first understand what goes into creating this special beverage.

10 Best Rerecipes of Desserts to Pair White Wines

Sula’s Guide to Rosé Wines

There are few things that can put you in a summer state of mind than a glass of chilled rosé can! However, contrary to popular belief, this pink-hued wine isn’t just a summer staple! With Sula’s exciting range of rosé wines, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pick for every occasion, no matter what the season! But before we talk about Sula’s exciting collection of rosé wines, let’s first understand the history of this unique alcoholic beverage that has won millions of hearts worldwide!

best wines of India

Seven Of The Best Wines to Gift Someone

A bottle of wine is a gift that the receiver can enjoy, and it also adds to the celebrations. What's more? If you're in a rush or have forgotten to pick a more elaborate gift well in advance, nothing beats a carefully selected bottle of wine. With Indian wineries coming up with exciting red, whites and rosés, how do you choose one that your loved ones will enjoy? Additionally, given how every palate differs, how can you make sure you pick a bottle that your friends and family will love? In this article, we bring you a list of the 7 best Sula wines that you can gift to your loved ones this festive season.

wine labels

Learn to Navigate the Labels of the Best Wine Brand in India

Drinking wine can be all the more enjoyable, once you realise the power of knowing exactly what each element on the bottle’s label means. Think about it, isn’t your grocery shopping experience more efficient when you know exactly why you’re buying what you’re buying? Even when it comes to eating a meal that’s been on your mind, it’s because you have been craving its specific flavours. The same process is applicable when it comes to enjoying your experience with drinking wine to the fullest.

wine tasting

Rosé, Red or White Wine: Know Your Top Choices With the Basics of Wine Tasting

Although you might know your favourite Rosé wine, or your favourite Chardonnay, you can truly appreciate it even more if you try to notice its various qualities, step by step. This is where wine tasting comes in. This activity is a skill that requires the taster to try several different styles of wines, even ones that they are not particularly familiar with. It can be extremely enlightening and also useful when it comes to discovering new favourites! The origin of the methodology of wine tasting dates back to the 18th century.

guide to sparkling wine

Sula’s Guide to Sparkling Wines

It is a known fact that sparkling wine always makes sense for every occasion. A brunch with friends, someone’s birthday, or even just enjoying a glass on your own after a hard day’s work; sparkling wine can be your saviour in such times. Before we take a look at Sula’s exquisite collection of sparkling wines, let’s first try to understand what makes the drink as grand as it is.

wine with food pairing

The Basics of Pairing the Best Wines With Your Favourite Food

Wine is a drink that can be enjoyed on its own as well as with the company of food. It’s all about your preference, and diving into the world of food and wine pairings is just one of the ways to enjoy this glorious drink! The main thing to keep in mind is to have fun throughout the process. Once you start looking into it, you might face situations where you have the perfect bottle of sparkling rosé wine but are lost about what food to pair it with.

Vineyard resorts in India

The Source and Beyond

The prestigious Sula Vineyards are so charming, that even one visit can leave you longing for more. You’re in luck because Sula has options for accommodation as well, in case you would like to prolong your stay while enjoying a top-quality experience. Imagine enjoying the best wines we have to offer, right from the winery during your stay. You could be sipping on your favourite bottle of Sula’s red or white wines, maybe The Source Cabernet Sauvignon or Sula Chenin Blanc; all while enjoying the picturesque views from either of the two resorts - The Source and Beyond.

Visit sula vineyards

Visiting Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards, the top producer of the best wines in India, is located amidst the hills of Nashik, overlooking the Gangapur Dam. It goes without saying that this is the place to be if you find yourself in the vicinity. The location is also convenient for people who are in Mumbai and Pune, since they can use it as an opportunity to go on a road trip to the vineyards which is just a four and five-hour long drive, respectively. The vineyard has been around since the late 90s and has spread out over 3000 acres of lush green grape farms.

best wines to drink

Sula's Guide to Best Wines for Every Occasion

The gesture of getting a grand bottle of wine for important occasions is a tale as old as time. Maybe you’ve been elated on the receiving end, or you’ve handed a special someone a bottle of sparkling red wine. Either way, whatever the cause may be, this flavourful drink seems to be a staple. So many special occasions deserve to be celebrated with the best wines that exist. However, as tempting as it may seem, the task of picking the appropriate bottle of wine is more than just opting for the prettiest and fanciest looking bottle.

cheeseboard for best wines

Sula's Guide to Creating the Perfect Cheese Board for the Best Wines

Cheese boards are not only beautiful to the eye, but they are also extremely pleasing in terms of smell and taste. A match made in heaven with wine, this combination is perfect for all sorts of parties and gatherings. Before we explain which of Sula’s red wines and white wines go with which type of cheese, let’s take a look at the steps you’ll need to take in order to create the ultimate cheese board and wine experience, with South Asian elements that can cater to your palate.