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The Source and Beyond: Why Staying at These Vineyard Resorts Is an Experience Worth Having

The prestigious Sula Vineyards are so charming, that even one visit can leave you longing for more. You’re in luck because Sula has options for accommodation as well, in case you would like to prolong your stay while enjoying a top-quality experience. Imagine enjoying the best wines we have to offer, right from the winery during your stay. You could be sipping on your favourite bottle of Sula’s red or white wines, maybe The Source Cabernet Sauvignon or Sula Chenin Blanc; all while enjoying the picturesque views from either of the two resorts - The Source and Beyond.

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The Source at Sula

The Source at Sula is a gorgeous landmark in India’s most valuable wine region. This resort has a Tuscan twist to it, only making it all the more appealing for the ultimate getaway. The views from the scenic Sula estate are ones to remember, especially owing to the hills and the Gangapur lake in the distance. This 23 room resort, which also includes four stunning treehouses, is in the middle of the vineyards. It also consists of a swimming pool, a tennis court and a spa, which makes for an extremely luxurious experience. With several amenities being available, such as free WiFi, a fitness centre, a business centre, wheelchair accessible parking, four restaurants and one bar, this resort has got you covered in every aspect. So, while you relax and take a break from your daily routine, you can also catch up with anything else that you would like to do. Let’s take a look at the wide variety of rooms you could opt for.


As if treehouses weren’t a fun concept to begin with, The Source’s treehouses overlook the lush vineyards. With a staircase leading you to the entrance, each treehouse’s wooden finish only makes you feel all the more disconnected from the busy city life, in the best way possible. With gorgeous canopies over the beds and beautiful balconies with tables for you to pair your favourite wines with food while looking at the growing grapes, these treehouses are meant for making memories made to last.

Vintage Rooms

The Source’s vintage rooms also overlook the vineyards, along with the hills, the pool and lush gardens. The type of the room says it all - with the kind of vintage feel within these four walls, you are bound to fall in love with every detail. From the intricate bed frames, calming pieces of artwork, to the soothing colours of the walls, the vintage room stay is certainly worth experiencing.

Two-Storeyed Tower View Suites

This room option is not only more spacious but also has a towering view of the stunning landscape. Aspects of this room such as its stunning spiral staircase, beds with canopies and arched windows will make you feel like you are living life king-size, while also simultaneously making you feel at home. Rest assured that the view you will get to see from these balconies is one to make your jaw drop with every look.

The Source at sula

Courtyard View Rooms

These rooms are centrally located to overlook the classic cobblestone piazza. Thus if you want the closest Tuscan experience possible, then this room is the visually promising option for you. You could experience living the lavish life of having conversations and sipping on wine under outdoor umbrellas of the round tables touching the cobblestone beneath your feet, while a grand fountain spurts water next to you.

Grand Cru Rooms

These rooms are artistically designed, with spacious balconies from where you can get a beautiful view of the vineyards. With charming couches and chairs, along with a spacious bed and side tables, this room can make you feel at ease as you unwind with the sight from the balconies.

Vineyard View Suites

These suites are the largest and grandest option of all. They consist of a living room, bedroom and a vast balcony. With all of its furniture working in tandem with each other’s aesthetics, these suites are the perfect option if you prefer having a lot of space to work with. The desks, closet space and his and her bathroom sinks are just some of the elements which can contribute to enhancing your grand stay.


Beyond is tucked behind the rolling hills of Gangapur and surrounded by calm waters. This serene resort is a luxury vineyard property, consisting of a minimalistic three-bedroom Sky Villa. There are also seven Lake View Rooms that offer a lot of privacy, peace and quiet. Since this resort overlooks the lake and is at a perfect amount of distance from anything noisy, it also serves as the best location for a much-needed break. With amenities such as a various indoor games, a kitchenette, free WiFi and a grand dining area, you can indulge in a variety of activities as you unwind.

Lake View Rooms

Overlooking the Gangapur Lake, these exclusive Lake View Rooms are perfect for a quaint experience. They are beautifully decorated and are spacious enough for you to feel more than comfortable. The natural light that enters from their glass walls is just one of their many perks. Even the smallest details in their modern bathrooms can exceed your expectations of an average getaway.

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Sky Villa

This luxury 3040 feet villa is made to feel like home. Overlooking the Gangapur lake, this spacious three bedroom property also has its own private infinity pool. From many minor aspects like a pool table for entertainment, along with hammocks to read your books on and beach chairs by the pool to watch the sunset beyond the hills, this property has it all. The Sky Villa’s open-air walkout decks are so sleek, that you might just feel like you are floating. With a promise of wonderful afternoons in the large living room and memorable evenings at the grand dining table, your stay here is bound to be fantastic from start to finish.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this detailed explanation of what to expect and opt for during your stay at The Source and Beyond has helped you plan your getaway. As we have mentioned, these scenic rooms are so lovely to visit, that there is no right or wrong way to enjoy this opportunity. You can choose to indulge in your favourite wines or read a book, or do both. These resorts call for a great time regardless, so go ahead and plan your stay with us!
At Sula, every wine is made keeping the environment in mind, by following strict sustainable, environment-friendly practices. We are always working hard to make the best wines in India, to cater to your taste.

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