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The Indomitable Charm of Shiraz

What would you like to order today? A glass of red wine please. Make that a Shiraz! It tends to be a popular choice at most restaurants and bars across the country. One of the most loved grape varieties, frequently produced solo, often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, sometimes with Grenache, Mourvedre, Pinot Noir and even Viognier. In fact Sula Shiraz Cabernet is the bestselling red wine in India and is a blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is the sixth most planted red grape varietal in the world and produces extremely delicious, juicy, bold wines with a lot of personality!

It’s a party! But, what do I serve with my Sparkling wine?

Shiraz wine comes from many regions in the world and it can be difficult to tell the difference between them. It is known as Syrah in France and Shiraz in Australia. Let us uncover the beauty of this delightful Shiraz wine made from Shiraz grapes.

Shiraz wine would typically allude to the Australian style, which is now adopted and embraced by most New World regions, while Syrah would typically allude to the wine style from the Old World region, think lighter bodied, leaner and finer tannins.

This style of Shiraz wine is fuller bodied, more intense and with bolder tannins. It is not just the terroir but also the style of winemaking that would produce one style or another.


Where is Shiraz originally from?

The grape is indigenous to France and belongs to the family of Mondeuse Blanche and Dureza but has found a beautiful home in India where it is grown on the rolling hills of Nashik in Maharashtra which is also the wine capital of India. Pinot Noir and Viognier are also closely related to Syrah and hence, these are often the most popular choices for blending. Rasa Syrah is based on a similar idea. This rich and powerful wine with slightly peppery notes is a blend of Syrah and Viognier and is made in the old world style.

Whereas Dindori Reserve Shiraz, is a bolder, smokier Shiraz wine made in the new world style. Shiraz wine usually comes from warmer wine regions and has riper aromas of black fruits, and smoky notes with black pepper finish that is a trademark of a Shiraz.

Shiraz and Indian food

Shiraz caught on popularity in India is not just because of its exotic name and delicious flavours but also because it pairs exceptionally well with Indian food. Think of all the mouth-watering dishes like dal makhani, chicken tikka, mutton kebabs, mutton rogan josh and have them with a glass of Dindori Reserve Shiraz wine. The fat and protein in these dishes is beautifully balanced with the tannins of Shiraz wine and the flavours of the wine only help to enhance the flavours of the food.

Best temperature to serve your Shiraz wine

It may have great flavours, but don’t forget to serve your wine at the right temperature. The word ‘room temperature’ can often be misinterpreted in a country as hot as India. Serve your Shiraz wine between 15-18 degrees Celsius and the flavours and aromas will show beautifully. If you serve it too warm, the alcohol will overpower all the other aromas and flavours and will make the wine taste too dull. If served too cold, the aromas might not come through and the wine may taste too harsh and acidic. So serving your Shiraz wine at the right temperature is also key to enjoying its flavours to the fullest.

Shiraz wine is usually a bolder, fuller bodied wine and may often benefit from decanting. When it opens up, it can show flavours and aromas of ripe red and dark berries and hints of spice which can be delightful to drink.

The ‘fun’ Shiraz

It comes in many different styles but do try the Sula Sparkling Shiraz for a fun evening with your friends. It is a fun red sparkling wine which is a first in India. Sula was the first to produce a Shiraz wine in the sparkling style. Originally quite popular in Australia, this wine is soon becoming a favourite for many in India. Grab a plate of spicy mutton rara with a chilled glass of Sula Sparkling Shiraz and thank us later!

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