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Rosé wine has been quite popular on the other side of the globe for a while. Whether it is the quintessential Provence style or The White Zinfandels of the United States of America, this wine has a fan following of its own.

If we look at the history of wines, the original wines were mostly rosés. When the Greeks and Romans didn’t know any better, they would crush the white and the red grapes together producing a slightly tannic off dry wine, a far cry from what we drink today. Eventually reaching Marseille & Provence, this wine’s popularity spread in the Mediterranean and remained so for centuries, dipping for a few decades in the 20th century but eventually rising and growing stronger since the late 90s and early 2000s.

The Rosé trend kick started in India about a decade ago and there has been no looking back since. The love for this stunning pink wine has only risen in the country. But what exactly is making Rose such a huge success in India?

Well, it can be because of a variety of factors. To start with, Nasik’s microclimate is one of the best suited for rosés. The weather here promotes optimum ripeness for the red grape varieties and adds a lot of sweet, fruit-forward body to the wine, even if it is a dry style! This also helps the winemakers to venture around various shades, textures, and complexity in the wines. With the climate being so generous to us, the winemakers have also started getting bold into experimenting and bringing out new and various styles. They are convinced to use the best produce, the right winemaking techniques and still bring the wines to you at the most cost-friendly commercials. With all these combined, most benefits pass down to the consumer, with so many options, so many styles at a variety of prices, it just is becoming a priority choice!

Rose is also known to be a style for all! With the range from dry to sweet, from fruit forward to chewy. All types of wine drinkers, the young and fun to the serious drinkers, all find some rose or the other as a fit. The growing popularity of rose drinking in the young crowd has also played a huge part in its success in India.

That, and the fact that rosé wines have great affinity for some of our most beloved Indian snacks and ‘The Great Indian Summer’. The sweet and savoury samosa chaat makes for a great pairing with The Source Grenache Rosé and can you think of a better wine to cool you on a hot summer day? Rosé is the perfect vin de soif!

Rosé wines you must try!

Sula Vineyards has been the forerunner in producing Rosé wines in India and one of the biggest contributors in making sure that this wine reaches every corner of the country. Sula offers some of India’s best rosé wines in an array of styles.

Sula Zinfandel Rosé is a delicate and fruity off-dry rosé that has been winning hearts of millions across the country since it was first produced.

The Source Grenache Rosé is vivacious, crisp and has bright fruit notes with lingering citrus tones. If you are not a fan of sweeter styles of Rosé, this is the perfect wine for you! This is India’s best rosé wine.

Among the bubblies,Sula Brut Tropicale is the show stopper sparkling rosé emitting elegant pearls of ebullience with a graceful palate of tropical fruit. This brilliant wine also won a Gold at the International Wine Challenge in 2022 and has put the outstanding quality of Indian Rosés on the world stage. One of the best sparkling wines available in India.

Sula Zinfandel Rose is a semi sparkling off-dry rosé, with a beautiful colour and delightful flavours of nectarines and lychees, this wine is perfect for on its own and even in sparkling wine cocktails. Think Mimosa but made better!

From brut sparkling to semi-sweet sparkling, from dry to off dry, Sula offers a wide array of award-winning rosé wines for every kind of pocket and every kind of palate.

Most restaurants now have quite a few rosés on their menu, indicating a healthy growing trend. Worldwide consumption of Rosé has almost doubled since the early 2000s. The stereotypes of being a “woman’s drink” or a “low alcohol wine” or a leftover red grape wine are certainly breaking. Rosé wines have undergone a serious transformation and have created a niche market for themselves over the past years, worldwide and in India.

With some of the best rosé wines in India to offer, we proudly contribute to the rise of this trend, making many people shift to rosés steadily and consistently. Rosé promises to be an anytime, easy, food friendly wine. And, having ticked all these checkboxes, rosé wines surely seem to have a very “rosy future” in India!

Explore your new favorite bottle of Rosé wine.

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