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Seven Of The Best Wines to Gift Someone

A bottle of wine is a gift that the receiver can enjoy, and it also adds to the celebrations. What's more? If you're in a rush or have forgotten to pick a more elaborate gift well in advance, nothing beats a carefully selected bottle of wine.
With Indian wineries coming up with exciting red, whites and rosés, how do you choose one that your loved ones will enjoy? Additionally, given how every palate differs, how can you make sure you pick a bottle that your friends and family will love?
In this article, we bring you a list of the 7 best Sula wines that you can gift to your loved ones this festive season.


It wouldn’t be fair for us to start an article on the best wines in India to gift someone without Sula Brut Tropicale sitting right at the top of this list. Even GQ Magazine believes that this bottle of wine is the ideal pick for gifting!
Packed to perfection in a celebratory bottle with colourful motifs, this special edition elegant sparkling rosé wine is made with a mix of 60% Chenin Blanc grapes. The remaining 40% is comprised of a blend of Shiraz and Viognier varietals. With luscious aromas of passion fruit and peach peppered with hints of red berries and guava at the finish, each sip of this rosé is memorable and unabashedly festive.
If you’re looking for a gift for someone who enjoys wines that veer towards the crisp and dry varieties, the Sula Brut Tropicale is a clear winner! This herbaceous wine pairs wonderfully with fresh salads, fried seafood appetizers, and deliciously creamy white sauce pasta. It also goes well with the complex yet creamy flavours of Indian dishes like anda masala.

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The best way to describe Sula’s Shiraz Cabernet would be ‘silky and earthy’, which is probably why this is one of our most food-friendly wines! Also, fame for being India’s highest-selling wine, our Shiraz Cabernet is made from a blend of 70% Shiraz and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which gives the wine a deep red-purple hue.
Many budding wine enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy pairing wine with spicy foods, will appreciate being gifted a bottle of Sula Shiraz Cabernet, irrespective of the occasion. This wine is smooth and medium-bodied, and each sip is accentuated by notes of ripe cherry and luscious plum, with pepper and mocha notes, aromas of spice, rounded off with soft, silky tannins. Best when slightly chilled, this wine pairs excellently with some of India’s favourite dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Rajma Masala, Mutton Rogan Josh, as well as sharp cheeses like Cheddar, Gouda or mature blue cheese.
If you ask us, anybody who receives a gift of Sula Shiraz Cabernet is sure to be smitten by you and your taste in good wine!


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Looking to gift someone who loves rosé a bottle of wine they’ll enjoy and cherish? With The Source Grenache Rosé, you’ll never go wrong!
Made using 100% hand-harvested Grenache grapes, this Grenache rosé is pressed only for an hour or two, giving it a uniquely light, peachy, rosy hue. This intensive winemaking process used to make this wine ensures that no residual sugar is left in the wine, making for an end product that's low on sweetness. So, if your friend or loved one isn’t a fan of sweet wines, this may make for an interesting gift!
The Source Grenache Rosé won the 'Best in Show' award at the India Wine Awards 2019. It has bright acidity, mild citrus notes with aromas of tropical fruit and white peach, and a smooth, elegant finish. Owing to its low alcohol content, it also makes for great sipping wine.
For best results, pair this sensational wine with the delicate flavours of grilled fish or shellfish, barbequed meats, delicious salads, Mediterranean preparations like falafel, and dishes with complex savoury-sweet flavours like samosa chaat.


Considered by many as one of the best red wines in India, RĀSĀ Cabernet Sauvignon is treasured by collectors and loved by wine enthusiasts everywhere! This red wine is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that are caringly hand-harvested from Sula’s vineyards.
This Cabernet Sauvignon is matured in French oak barrels for 14 to 16 months before being matured in the bottle before release. This delicate ageing process allows it to develop its deep, rich black-fruit flavours, reminiscent of blackcurrants and blackberries. Ask any connoisseur, and they'll tell you just how indulgent this feels!
Although it has a high alcohol content, Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon by Sula has a velvety smooth finish, elegant balance and complexity of flavours that make it a versatile choice when it comes to red wines. What’s more? It pairs wonderfully with festive favourites like seekh kebabs and other barbequed meats. It also goes well with complex Indian dishes like Kadai Paneer and Roghan Gosht and food with sharp flavours like goat's cheese and foods with an earthy, umami flavour like mushrooms.
Our verdict? If you have to pick a bottle of red that won’t fail you, go for the Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon!


If you’re a novice when it comes to wine, take the safe route and go with Sula Brut that’s specially crafted to be popped open for big and small celebrations!
Made with 80% Chenin Blanc grapes, and 20% Riesling & Viognier grapes, each sip of Sula Brut is laced with aromas of apples, peaches, and pears, making for a unique drinking experience. Like this user says, this bottle makes for a great accompaniment to a house party, a more formal dinner party, or any other celebration with family and friends!
For best results, pair this fruity, light-bodied wine with refreshingly crisp salads, delicate smoked salmon, or even bar-favourites like French fries, fried chicken and Indian-style fritters. What's more? This fail-safe wine also goes well with a wide range of preparations, ranging from appetizers to mains.


Best known for being India's first-ever Riesling , Sula Riesling is an easy-drinking off-dry white wine that would be a great gift for those who have just started their journey into the world of wine. This light and refreshing Kabinett-style white wine is also a safe pick if you’re going to gift it to someone who enjoys sipping on sweet wines.
Sula Riesling can be described as well-balanced as it wonderfully brings forth an equitable mix of sweetness and acidity, with an immensely citrusy and aromatic-yet-fresh flavour. This unique wine goes wonderfully with Chinese appetizers like spring rolls and chilli chicken that have a perfect balance of spicy and umami flavours. It also pairs well with the milder flavours of sushi and the more complex flavours of dishes like tandoori chicken.
If you’re unsure about what your host likes, it would be wise to walk into your next house party with a bottle (or two) of Sula Riesling!

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You may have heard of many sparkling dessert wines, but have you ever experienced the lusciousness of still dessert white wine ? Sula’s Late Harvest Chenin Blanc, made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes, is the perfect pick if you’re looking to gift someone a bottle of wine that will leave them spellbound and in high spirits!
Famed for being India’s first still dessert wine, as well as India's first-ever Late Harvest Chenin Blanc, this deliciously fruity and sweet white wine has rich aromas of apricot, mango, and raisins, rounded off with luscious acidity and a memorable finish. Its full body and indulgent sweetness make it double up as an indulgent and elegant aperitif.
Sula Late Harvest Chenin Blanc pairs best with decadent preparations like cheesecake, panna cotta, qubani-ka-meetha, and gulab jamun – all of which you’ll find at the table of a grand Indian festive feast. Need we say more about why you need to put this bottle on your list?

Final Thoughts

Like any other gift, the bottle of wine you choose to gift someone speaks volumes of your taste and knowledge about theirs. That's why we advise you to consider your recipient's tastes and preferences before you pick a bottle of wine to gift them.
However, if you are visiting someone for the first time or simply don't know enough about their tastes and preferences, take your pick from the more versatile options mentioned on our list. The Sula Brut and Sula Brut Tropicale variants are always fail-safe options you can bank on!
Additionally, like everything we do at Sula, each of our bottles of wine is carefully crafted to enliven your celebrations and make your memories even more special. With some of the best red wines and best white wines in India as a part of our portfolio, we're sure you'll find something you love sipping on!
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